Service users

Service user outcomes survey
This is an example of a service user survey, which has been shared with partners to help them develop mechanisms that will capture outcomes-based information, as well as more traditional customer care questions. As part of the wider performance framework, it is essential that partners have approaches/tools that capture service user and patient feedback on the benefits of the timely provision of community equipment.

CESIF Service User Phone Call Survey Questions

Service review template
This template has been used to help partners review their service from the perspective of service users/patients. It enables relevant stakeholders to identify solutions and improvements to roles, pathways and structures based on examples of local service user stories, and helps focus on person-centred outcomes rather than medical condition.

CESIF Service User Stories and Action Planning Template

Service user leaflet
This is an example community equipment service leaflet that Health and Social Care Partnerships can use to develop their own local versions.

Example Service User Leaflet