Training manual
This training manual was developed by partners who attended the Scottish Group of the National Association of Equipment Providers (NAEP), with the intention of providing a ‘master’ manual covering all common core community equipment training. This is designed to be delivered in sections and also provides additional guidance information related to specific types of equipment, for example bariatric.

CESIF NAEP Training Manual - November 2012

Training modules - adult services
These training modules have been developed with partners to distinguish between common core list equipment (which supports activities of daily living and mobility) and person assistive equipment (which supports moving and handling, provision of beds and mattresses). They are delivered by joint agency trainers to multi professional groups to support the implementation of joint protocol arrangements.

Module 1 Core List Training Manual - November 2015

Module 2 Person Assistive Equipment - November 2015 

Training modules - children's services
These modules are examples developed to support the implementation of children’s services joint protocols. These are intended for mixed groups of physio/OT/nurses working in specialist children’s services and community service settings.

Children's Core Stock Module A - 2014

Children's Core Stock Module B (Beds, Hoists, Slings and Sleep Systems) - 2014


Training PowerPoint presentations
These PowerPoint presentations accompany the training module packs above. They have been used and adapted by Health and Social Care Partnerships rolling out joint agency training.

Community Equipment Training Module 1 Powerpoint Slides - 2015 

Community Equipment Training Module 2 Powerpoint Slides - 2015 

Children's Core Stock Module A (Bathing Equipment) Training Pack Presentation

Children's Core Stock Module A (Standing Mobility and Corner Seats) Presentation 

Children's Equipment Training Module A - Seating Assessment Powerpoint slides

Children's Equipment Training Module B (Sleep Systems) Presentation

Training competencies
This is an example of a basic competency assessment tool created to support the provision of the above training. This would complement existing agency supervision arrangements and follow on from attendance on relevant training modules.

CESIF Competency Evaluation Tool November 2016

Training evaluation
This is an example of a basic ‘pre’ and ‘end of course’ evaluation template used for Module 1. The example for Module 2 above is contained within that pack.

CESIF Module Evaluation Training Form