Housing solutions change programme

Housing Solutions is a change programme built around training resources which apply the principles of Adapting for Change and supports strategic service change and improvement across health and social care partnerships. It focuses on encouraging wider responsibility across housing, health and social care services for the early identification and discussion of housing needs and solutions.

Specifically designed for use by housing and health and social care partnerships, these include:

  • A document providing a more detailed overview of the training programme
  • Module 1 which covers the key principles and aims of the Adapting for Change programme, and sets the tone for the overall approach in terms of acting early and having the right housing conversations
  • Module 2 which focuses on assessing for, and the provision of, minor adaptations such as grab rails and handrails, special door handles and entry systems
  • Module 3 which focuses on assessing for, and the provision of, moderate and major adaptations including footpaths and ramps, showers, stair lifts and ceiling track hoists.

Other resources including:

For more information on the Housing Solutions change programme email: his.phh@nhs.scot