We have a range of initiatives and activities taking place throughout Scotland. Watch some of our videos below to find out more about the work we do.

Varis Court a New Model of Care

Discover the link between housing, health and well-being with Varis Court. An innovative Housing Health and Social Care partnership offering its residents the confidence to enjoy independent living with flexible support on hand.
A safe space for older people with complex needs, the development has provided its residents with life changing environments and provides opportunities for some people to receive care and support in their community rather than in hospital. Hear from live in resident’s experiences, their relatives and staff to learn about the community within Varis Court.

HIS Associate Simon Carr who produced this film says that Varis Court offers Health and Social Care Partnerships a new model of care to help care for older people.


Queen's Cross Housing Association
Queens Cross HA in the north of Glasgow surveyed their 4000 tenants to help them design their services for the coming years, what they found was that many of their tenants were isolated and lonely and this had a profound effect on their health.

In response QCHA established a range of services designed to keep their tenants connected to neighbours and the wider community,in this film we hear tenants at one of QCHAs sheltered housing developments how working with children from a local secondary school has helped them develop IT skills so they can keep in touch with family members through social media. We also hear from the STAG group a men`s group that meet weekly to get involved in a range of activites that keep men connected to friends and neighbours.

Linstone Housing Association
Linstone HA realised some time ago that many of their tenants in one of their multi-storey blocks were becoming socially isolated and lonely some of the tenants saying they never saw their immediate neighbours let alone knew who they were. To help tenants keep connected Linstone converted a ground floor flat into community space to give tenants space to meet and get involved in a range of different activities and events.

In this film of Belmar Court in Linwood we hear from residents how important the community flat has become to them allowing them to keep connected to their neighbours and community.

The ACES group bring together older persons from the Forgewood,Motherwell area and wider community to learn new skills from weaving to IT, the group meets weekly in Forgewood Housing Co-operatives new community centre. As well as picking up new skills the ACES pick up new friends and contacts during their sessions.


Home not Hospital

Keeping people connected in a rural area is challenging enough but when residents have a learning disability it is even more difficult.

In this film Eildon HA explain how they work with residents in Duns in the Scottish Borders to keep connected with their community and help maintain their health.

Loneliness and Social Isolation-A GPs view - Peter Cawston
As part of this series of films we also capture on film Dr Peter Cawston a GP in Drumchapel who talks about his increasing awareness of the part loneliness and social isolation features in his patient's outcomes and how the housing sector can make a difference.