This case study series explores what makes an effective substance use recovery service for people in Scotland. We aim to improve understanding of how substance use recovery services in Scotland deliver better outcomes for people on a national level, and support future commissioning of these services.


Venture Scotland Case Study (September 2023)

What makes an effective substance use recovery service? 

To begin to answer this question, we conducted an evaluation of Venture Scotland’s (VS’s) Venture On programme; a 12-week course which aims to support those in recovery from alcohol or drug use into wellbeing and employment. 

Using a combination of interviews with VS staff and document analysis of feedback forms from participants, we explored how the programme contributes to people’s outcomes. Five themes that we think make this service effective in supporting people’s recovery journeys are:

  • Learning to manage feelings,
  • Links to the recovery community,
  • Trauma-informed staff,
  • Co-production, and
  • Permissioning.

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