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EIP National network events 

EIP Adaptations of Early Intervention in Psychosis in the US with Emphasis on Addressing Social & Structural Determinants Webinar (October 2023), at this webinar we heard from Dr Nev Jones, Assistant Professor at the University of Pittsburgh. It focused on Adaptations of Early Intervention in Psychosis in the US with Emphasis on Addressing Social and Structural Determinants. There was discussions of adaptations that included rural areas and high disadvantage populations.

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EIP Programme Update Webinar (September 2023), at this EIP webinar we heard from our internal staff and pathfinder sites NHS Dumfries & Galloway and NHS Tayside about the progress of the national programme testing new EIP services in Scotland.

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EIP National Network Event (May 2023), at this event our guest speaker Dr Sameer Jauhar presents on his work on understanding neurobiological causes of psychotic illness, with a focus on affective psychoses, and treatment of psychotic and affective disorders. Dr Jauhar graduated in Medicine from Glasgow University in 2002, having also completed a degree in Public Health and Epidemiology. He moved to the Institute of Psychiatry in 2012, to work with Oliver Howes and Shitij Kapur on predominantly PET studies of the dopamine system, with the focus on psychosis and treatment response. Clinically, he has worked as a Consultant Psychiatrist in Early Intervention in Psychosis since 2012, throughout South London and Maudsley NHS Trust.

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EIP National Network Event (March 2023), at this event our guest speakers Prof Matthias Schwannauer and Prof Ian Kelleher, alongside guest moderator Alastair Cook (Principal Medical Officer for Mental Health in Scottish Government), presented on and discussed early psychosis identification, care and treatment for young people. Prof Matthias Schwannauer, PhD, CPsychol, is Head of School of Health in Social Science and Professor of Clinical Psychology at the University of Edinburgh, as well as a Consultant Clinical Psychologist, CAMHS, NHS Lothian. Prof Ian Kelleher is Chair of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at the University of Edinburgh and a Consultant Psychiatrist working in specialist Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services. He is adjunct professor at University College Dublin, Ireland and the University of Oulu, Finland.

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EIP National Network Event (February 2023), at this event our speaker Dr Sridya Iyer presented ‘Methods, means and more: Local and global insights into what matters for meeting the mental health needs of young people with psychosis’. Dr Iyer drew upon her experience in Canada and India to present on her research and work around youth mental health and early intervention, including for serious mental health problems such as psychosis. Dr Iyer is a Psychologist and an Associate Professor in the Department of Psychiatry at McGill University.

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EIP National Network Event (January 2023), at this event we were delighted to welcome Professor Sir Robin Murray and Dr Marta Di Forti to speak on the topic of ‘Cannabis and Psychosis’. Professor Sir Robin Murray spoke about the impact of cannabis on the nature and incidence of psychosis, while Dr Di Forti focused on the treatment of cannabis-induced psychosis.

Resources from this event:

  • Recording from event
  • During the event, the audience has raised many interesting questions that we did not have the chance to cover. Professor Sir Robin Murray and Dr Marta Di Forti have provided answers in writing to the questions that were not answered during the live event. Answers can be read here.

EIP Workshop (December 2022), focusing on the topic of “Reducing physical health risks through early intervention”. For too long the physical health of people with lived experience of psychosis has been neglected. This workshop explores the causes of reduced life expectancy in this group and what can be done to combat it. It explains how to screen and intervene for the modifiable physical health risk factors. Good practice is shared, including the introduction of health instructors to teams.

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EIP National Network Event (October 2022), focusing on the topic of 'Paths to Recovery': This webinar focuses on youth friendly approaches to social and vocational recovery after psychosis. It showcases how early intervention teams can help young people recover by working with third sector organisations to offer opportunities to participate in groups and activities that help young people come together and enjoy life. The value of an employability worker is also demonstrated.

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EIP National Network Event (September 2022): Dr Karen O’Connor has been the National Clinical Lead of the Early Intervention in Psychosis Clinical Programme in Ireland since January 2020. At the EIP National Network Event, she gave an overview of ‘Are we there yet? Developing Early Intervention in Psychosis Services in Ireland’.

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EIP National Network Event (August 2022): Dr Erin Turner gave a talk on the topic of ‘Antipsychotics and physical health in first episode psychosis: the good, the bad and the ugly’.

Dr Erin Turner is a Consultant Psychiatrist and Clinical Lead of Solihull Early Intervention for Psychosis Service. She is Head of the Psychiatry Teaching Academy for Aston and Birmingham Medical schools. Her textbook ‘Recovery from a first episode of Psychosis’, co-authored with the UK Early Intervention pioneers, focusses on symptomatic and social recovery from psychosis. Erin is a Trustee of Beyond, a mental health charity fronted by Jonny Benjamin, MBE. She is a Director of Hearth Centre, using the ‘arts’ to teach and promote wellbeing.

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EIP National Network Event (March 2022): We were delighted to have Professor Rachel Upthegrove present on the topic of "Early Intervention in Psychosis: Recovery and Suicide Prevention". 

Rachel Upthegrove is Professor of Psychiatry and Youth Mental Health at the University of Birmingham, and Consultant Psychiatrist in the Birmingham Early Intervention Services. She trained in Medicine at the Royal Free Hospital, University of London and completed Psychiatry Training in Birmingham. She completed her PhD at the University of Birmingham, investigating depression and suicidality in early stages of psychosis. 

Her recent research interest is the identification of underlying mechanisms and treatment options for co-morbidity in early stages of schizophrenia. Recent projects include the investigation of inflammatory mechanisms and phenotypic profile of psychosis, and the use of data science to develop stratification in heterogeneous, early phases of developing mental ill health.

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EIP National Network Event (December 2021): In this session, Professor Birchwood gave a comprehensive overview of the story of reform of early psychosis services in England and shared some important lessons relevant for the Scottish context. 

Max Birchwood is Professor of Youth Mental Health in the Medical School at University of Warwick. He pioneered the concept and practice of EIP in the UK and internationally and he opened the UK’s first EIP service in 1994. The service attracted Beacon status and has been replicated with over 140 teams across England and internationally. 

Professor Birchwood’s breakthrough research on psychosis has been incorporated into Scottish SIGN and UK NICE guidelines for schizophrenia. He has undertaken extensive work developing the cognitive model of 'voices', particularly the role of appraisals of voices' power and their role in driving affective dysregulation and compliance with command hallucinations. He is a recipient of the International Early Psychosis Association’s (IEPA) Richard Wyatt prize for ‘outstanding contribution to early psychosis research and treatment’.

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