Mental Health and Substance Use Leadership Development Programme


Why are we running this programme?

The Programme has developed out of the Mental Health and Substance Use Pathfinder in Tayside. The Pathfinder is looking at how to improve outcomes for people with mental health and substance use support needs.

While engaging with leaders and staff, we have heard that there is an appetite for something that can help system leaders bring together various strands of work, develop a whole system perspective on ‘where we want to get to’ and find ways of making practical system change.

Looking across the Listen, Learn Change work, the Dundee Drugs Commission and the implementation of the MAT Standards, there are some cross cutting themes related to leadership, whole system collaboration, recovery approaches, the role of the third sector and engagement with people and families. The Leadership Development Programme will focus on building a whole system understanding of these issues and support you to take constructive steps forward in your ongoing work to address them.

It will look at how you, as leaders can:

  • Enable flexible and responsive services
  • Build capacity within existing staff resource
  • Distribute leadership across the system
  • Shift towards a recovery oriented system
  • Better integrate services to provide holistic support
  • Underpin activity with culture change

This programme will:

  • Be a collaborative space to work in a whole system way with leaders from different sectors
  • Offer peer support through connections with leaders across Tayside
  • Provide you with guidance and tools to think through whole system change
  • Be grounded in real issues and challenges that you face

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What will the course cover?
  • What will I get from it?
  • How does this link in with all the other work across Tayside?
  • Will it address local priorities if it is a Tayside-wide group?