Differential Diagnoses: Alcohol Related Brain Injury

(July 2023)

At this event our guest speakers Grant Brand (Team Leader, Alcohol Related Brain Damage Team) and Dr Anna Fletcher (Consultant Addiction Psychiatrist, Alcohol Related Brain Damage Team) discussed the Glasgow ARBD Service Pathway which addresses Alcohol-Related Brain Disorder through comprehensive assessments, followed by a five-stage rehabilitation model, aiming to enhance well-being and successfully reintegrate individuals into society.

We also heard from Elizabeth Brooks (Senior Service Design Advisor, Healthcare Improvement Scotland) and Lawrence Pavia (Senior Improvement Advisor, Healthcare Improvement Scotland) who discussed their work on Alcohol-Related Brain Damage in Tayside. Highlighting the need for improved awareness, timely detection, and intervention by suggesting the implementation of screening during in-patient stays, a standardized assessment model, and the development of a Virtual Hub

Our final guest speaker was Rajeev Krishanadas (Clinical Lecturer and Hon StR, Primary Care) who highlighted the challenges in diagnosing Substance Induced Psychotic Disorder (SIPD), the negative impact of substance use on individuals with psychosis, and emphasised the importance of integrated treatment approaches and early intervention for improved outcomes.

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