Maintaining Compassion

(September 2023)

This event focused on compassion fatigue in nursing. We are aware that compassion fatigue can affect all healthcare staff and runs through every level of health and social care from burses, managers, to the board.

At this event we heard from Daniela Latina (Social Researcher, Healthcare Improvement Scotland) who presented desk research on the challenges of compassion fatigue among caregivers working with trauma-exposed individuals, emphasising the need for structural changes, mental health support, and resources like the NHS Wellbeing Hub.

Our final guest speaker was Eileen McKenna (Associate Director for Nursing, Policy and Professional Practice, Royal College of Nursing Scotland) who discussed compassion fatigue and burnout among nursing staff underscores the need for a balance between compassion satisfaction and organisational support.

If you missed the webinar you can catch up on the content here: