Project overview

Healthcare Improvement Scotland has been commissioned by the Scottish Government to work with services across Scotland to improve access to Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services and Psychological Therapy services. The Mental Health Access Improvement Support Team (MHAIST) was established in 2016. Over the first year, the team sought to understand the challenges and opportunities for improving access to CAMHS and PT services across Scotland. So far, MHAIST has supported a range of teams from across the country and hosted the following events for these two communities:

  • Delivering and Developing Neurodevelopmental Pathways (25 August 2017)
  • Quality Improvement: What does this mean for Psychological Therapies? (28 November 2017)

Our work to date has identified that there are improvement opportunities specific to each community, as well as opportunities where learning and sharing across the communities would be beneficial. To achieve this joint working, MHAIST is facilitating a joint CAMHS and PT Mental Health Access Improvement Collaborative. This collaborative consist of two workstreams:

  • Improving access to CAMHS and Psychological Therapies
  • Neurodevelopmental Pathways for CAMHS

The benefit of running two parallel workstreams is that MHAIST can provide specific content for CAMHS and PT teams, whilst creating a common space to share Quality Improvement (QI) methodology, share learning and develop skills and knowledge about how to improve access.