NHS Near Me

In a major initiative to support frontline health care services to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have supported the roll out of NHS Near Me to mental health services. During this time we supported:

  • mental health crisis teams/intensive home treatment teams,
  • the National Mental Health Deaf Service,
  • eating disorder services, and
  • perinatal mental health services.

NHS Near Me is a video consulting platform, enabling digital communication between patients and healthcare staff. It is designed to support the reduction of physical interactions and help reduce the spread of COVID-19 while enabling the delivery of vital healthcare.

To share learning about how services have started using NHS Near Me across Scotland we hosted virtual webinar sessions. 

Supporting the use of NHS Near Me

How technology is helping to shape the future of mental health services

11 May 2020

Over 200 mental health professionals from across Scotland joined us to share learning on the successes and challenges they have faced using NHS Near Me during this WebEx learning session.

With a focus on the use of Near Me in mental health crisis teams, this session supported staff by:

  • Presenting an overview of NHS Near Me and how it can be used in mental health services,
  • sharing the enablers and top tips for implementing NHS Near Me, and
  • sharing learning on common pitfalls and how they have been addressed.

Watch the session

View presentation slides from 11 May 2020

Access full details of NHS Near Me, including our latest case study on the National Mental Health Deaf Service and a case study on the NHS Highland Eating Disorder Service.