Co-production essentially describes a relationship between service provider and service user that draws on the knowledge, ability and resources of both to develop solutions to issues that are claimed to be successful, sustainable and cost-effective, changing the balance of power from the professional towards the service user." Scottish Co-production Network

***Co-production Week ran from 27th November to 3rd December 2017 and is an annual event. Please check back for information on the 2018 event. ***

Healthcare Improvement Scotland is participating in the second year of Co-production Week, a Scottish Co-production Network (SCN) programme, running from 27th November to 3rd December.

We’re delighted to take part in this year’s Co-production week to celebrate the collaborative work of our partners and share their achievements and improvements in health and social care.

Healthcare Improvement Scotland and its Improvement Hub (ihub) have a number of examples of co-production across the organisation and with partners. For example, the Mental Health team:

  • Partnered with Support in Mind Scotland and Bipolar Scotland on Equally Fit, a programme to promote physical health in mental health patients
  • Partnered with Carers Trust Scotland on Going Beyond Harm events that took place across Scotland to improve safety for service users, staff and carers within mental health services
  • Partner with Healthcare professionals in wards across Scotland on the Patient Safety Climate Tool, helping to ensure that service users and carers are at the centre of their own care

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