Commissioning Differently – National Good Practice Session 1, 25 August 2022

From Homecare to a Community Health and Well-being Service 

How might we turn a Homecare system that is inefficient, inflexible, and unsustainable into a Community Health and well-being service which is empowering, flexible, local, and sustainable?  


In the first of our sessions that look at practices and approaches that aim to fundamentally change both the 'what' and 'how' of commissioning services for care and support, we heard an inspiring vision set out by Cath Roff (Director of Adults and Health, Leeds City Council). Her vision brings together the many challenges of providing care in people’s homes and, based on an initial test of change, how the work she is leading is starting to create that much needed change. Caroline Baria (Deputy Director of Integrated Commissioning, Leeds City Council) also shared her work and in matching Cath’s vision, demonstrated how it is rooted in ethical and person-centred values.  

This work is taking on the challenge of balancing ‘What Matters’ most to people seeking support alongside fair work and truly valuing the social care workforce. It also picks up on sticky issues around changing roles of staff and providing person-centred, flexible services with limited available human and financial resources.   

As one attendee commented, Cath and Caroline gave a ‘powerful message about staying true to your values!’     

Watch the video of Cath’s presentation