Commissioning Differently - National Good Practice Session 2, 30 November 2022 

Grant funding: the rule rather than the exception in funding health & social care

This was the second session in a series of events looking to support the development of New Models of Care and commissioning differently.

Grants: often much maligned and misunderstood. How do we return to embracing the positive opportunities that grant funding offers? Indeed, should grants be the default commissioning method of choice in health and social care? These were the questions tackled in this session. We explored what it would take to re-establish the place of grant making as part of good commissioning practice, hearing examples of innovative use of grants to enable collaboration amongst provider organisations and within communities. Grant funding has a strong alignment with the ideas set out in the Independent Review of Adult Social Care and Ethical Commissioning. 

The Collaborative Commissioning Team welcomed:

Dr Linda Irvine-Fitzpatrick leading work as part of The Pact, Community Remobilisation & Thrive, which is changing commissioning practice in Edinburgh. Click here to see a recording of Linda's inspirational presentation on the interconnected work in Edinburgh which has grant funding as a core component. 

We also heard a summary of work that has been undertaken in the Scottish borders. This work led by Simon Lynch (Program Facilitator, Scottish Borders Council) and tells the story of a grant funding programme which is person centered, encourages collaboration, has co-produces outcomes, and uses continuous feedback to improve. This is written up as a case study that will be shared later in the new year. For a summary of the work click here to see Lindsay Randall (Knowledge and Informational Specialist with Healthcare Improvement Scotland). 

Resources shared or referenced during the session

Linda's slide deck