Scotland has been increasingly developing policy and legislation which puts choice and control in the hands of its citizens. From Self-Directed Support, Realistic Medicine, Community Empowerment and Human Rights – there is a strong drive to change how people are empowered to take control and set agendas. This applies to people having increased direct control over their own lives and wellbeing, but also in terms of community-led models which see citizen voices shaping local and national services, policies and government.    

Human Learning Systems offer an answer to how to plan and deliver traditional service differently, by: 

  • putting people at the centre 
  • weaving learning through every layer of relationships, and 
  • measuring what matters. 


HLS A practical guide for the curious - Launch,16 Jun 2022

HLS approach to developing and implementing a grant programme in Scottish Borders 5 May 22


Putting People First Sessions

Putting people first - Part I, 17 November 21

Putting people first- Part II, 9 December 21