Grants are an important part of the commissioning landscape with the same need for the public sector to be able to demonstrate ethical, collaborative and community-led approaches to their administration. Here we have an example of a grants programme that has been designed with relationships and learning at the core, which measures coproduced outcomes, that are realistic in the complex work of communities.  This grants programme was built to be agile and continuously improve based on applicants (and grantees!) experience. It is worth noting also that this grants programme was developed and implemented in under a year.


We held a session on 5th May 2022 where Prof Toby Lowe spoke about ‘Human Learning Systems: Creating outcomes in the real world’

You can watch Toby’s presentation here

Gary Wallace, Agenda Resilience and Simon Lynch, Scottish Borders Council  spoke about their work of using HLS to develop and implement a small grants programme – Community Led Learning and Development. 

You can watch Gary and Simons presentation here