Human Learning Systems: Workshop for Chief Officers, Heads of Service and Strategic Planning Leads

Friday 4 November

This event was specifically designed to introduce Chief Officers, Heads of Service and Strategic Planning Leads from Health and Social Care Partnerships, to Human Learning Systems. As well as providing a general overview it provided understanding on what is required from leaders in adopting and HLS approach.


Professor Toby Lowe, Centre of Public Impact presented about an alternative to New Public Management- Human Learning Systems.

Human Learning Systems – Toby Lowe (04/11/22)


David Hambleton, former Chief Officer of South Tyneside Clinical Commissioning Group provided practical insights form his experience of implementing learning cycles at the most senior management levels working with the local authority, acute & mental health services. South Tyneside was at that time a Pioneer site for Health & Social Care integration. David’s background before that was a Director of Commissioning and before that a Consultant Geriatrician.

Human Learning Systems – David Hambleton (04/11/22)


Des Mccart, Senior Programme Manager, ihub, presented about early emergent learning form sites across Scotland currently testing the use of an HLS approach.

Human Learning Systems – Des Mccart (04/11/22)

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