The Power in our Communities: Catalyst for Change event

15 June 2021 


Building on the enthusiasm and engagement around Wellbeing – The Power in our communities, we recently brought together several influential organisations from across Scotland to:  

  • highlight learning from various aspects of health, social care, and community wellbeing over the past year of living with COVID-19 impact.  
  • explore the connections between the different reports and to find out how they resonate with participants and their experience, and   
  • start a conversation about the collective actions that this body of work needs to move to a community led approach in health and social care.  

The audience heard from: 

Healthcare Improvement Scotland - recently published learning report on community led approaches in Scotland. The report highlights where these approaches are happening and the impact they can have. 

Corra Foundation - Together We Help research explored the ways people came together during COVID-19.  

Coalition of Care and Support Providers in Scotland (CCPS) - Through exploring their members’ experience of COVID-19, CCPS have developed 9 Big Ideas that can help reshape social care.  

Scottish Care - published a report captured the experience of social care during COVID-19. The report is called Coileanadh, which translates to ‘accomplish, achieve, fulfil’. 

Outside the Box - have been working with rural communities to develop inclusive communities with accessible services. 

People Powered Results, Nesta - listened to the experiences of 133 people from 106 organisations about how communities supported health and wellbeing during COVID-19.  

Read our flash report here