Commissioning for Community Solutions

An essential element of commissioning for community solutions is collaborative working. This was a core message in the recent Independent Review of Adult Social Care emphasising the need to move away from competitive markets for social care towards creating the conditions for partners to work together.  

To help recognise the vital role community organisations continue to play in supporting people’s health and wellbeing, over the past six months we partnered with Outside the Box and the People Powered Results team at Nesta. 

We are pleased to now share two reports from Outside the Box.

The first, Community Solutions: Finding the Right Support provides incredibly useful insight and practical advice which can help Health and Social Care Partnerships (HSCPs) and community based organisations identify how they can help people in the first step of finding the right support for them. It includes fantastic case studies of collaborative working, which demonstrate the art of the possible and capture what these examples have meant to people involved.

The second report, Community Solutions; Showing the Impact explores practical and meaningful ways in which organisations can demonstrate the impact of the crucial work they do. Reflecting the impact in a complex system such as health and social care complexity is very challenging. This is especially true for community organisations to do in a way that is recognised and valued by funders or strategic partners such as HSCPs.

The combination of these reports provides inspiration and practical advice which can help public sector and community organisations work together towards sustainable community based wellbeing. They build on our previous publications in our Catalysts for Change series. 

Community Health and Wellbeing - highlighting learning from over 100 organisations across Scotland, giving great insight into what is required to sustain and build on the positive force of community organisations in supporting the wellbeing of individuals and whole communities.    

Wellbeing – The Power in our communities, which captures learning form an event earlier this year where leaders from across public, third and independent sector organisations discussed this same issue of nurturing and building on the positive power already within communities. 

Community-led Models captures the learning from seven models of community-led initiatives. It describes each model, highlighting strengths & challenges, enablers & barriers. You will read how those involved in the work feel about the impact and, importantly, you will see high-level data reflecting this impact.

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