Community Solutions 

For the nine months prior to COVID-19 the Collaborative Communities team in partnership with Outside the Box worked on ‘Widening the Market’. This project brought together six, small rural community-based organisations that shared similar aims and challenges in delivering sustainable models of social care support.

During COVID-19 the Collaborative Communities team focused on capturing insights and learning from community-led responses as part of the ihub’s Health and Social Care Learning System. Both of these highlighted the importance of a trust-based relationship between communities and Health and Social Care Partnerships (HSCPs). Building on this learning we, in partnership with Outside the Box and People Powered Results at Nesta (an innovation foundation) to work with Health and Social Health Partnerships (HSCPs) and communities across Scotland and:

  • Identify what enables and what gets in the way of more trust-based and outcome-focused commissioning practice
  • Identify examples of how community-based organisations or initiatives are working in ways that support the health and wellbeing of local communities as “community solutions”
  • Share learning on the impact of community solutions and what’s needed in the future to support strong partnership working between the community sector and HSCPs
  • Develop tools and resources to strengthen capacity for trust-based partnerships in the community sector
  • Demonstrate strong evidence of the impact of tools and resources on building trust-based partnership working

Between January and March 2021 we will be listening to people working across community organisations and initiatives, people in local health and care systems as well as local and regional leaders. We’ll do this by encouraging community groups to share their experiences of working in ways that support the health and wellbeing of local communities through a series of Community Insights Workshops and over social media. We will then consolidate insights based on these conversations into a summary and share this back with communities, HSCPs, the Care Inspectorate as well as Scottish Government to help share insights around how communities and health and care systems can build trust-based and outcome-focused partnerships.

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