The Same as You (Scottish Government, 2000) highlighted the need for a wholesale shift in thinking and approach to services for people with learning disabilities.  The Keys to Life (Scottish Government, 2013) recognised that further work was required to reach the aspirations of a truly person-centred network of service provision and opportunities.

An easy read description of our work is available to download.

For the latest information and progress on the Collaborative please see Programme Updates.


Support for Health and Social Care Learning Disability Day Support Services

We work in partnership with HSCP project teams to:

  • gather and provide insights into different approaches to review and design of services
  • develop and test tools to support you to thoroughly understand the needs of supported people, carers to inform future service design
  • support exploration and define the issues in your local context
  • provide opportunities to meet and learn from peer teams throughout Scotland
  • share collaborative learning from different models of day support
  • provide access to team coaching support
  • host a space to share innovation, and
  • influence national organisations.


Get involved

You can still get involved by:

  • attending and participate in collaborative national learning events
  • taking part in the collaborative national connections sessions
  • joining collaborative randomised coffee trials where you can meet others in the Collaborative
  • applying the tools we have used in a local context:


Get in touch

Email us at if you have a question about the New Models for Learning Disability Day Support Collaborative or if would like to speak to a member of the team about our work.