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CEIM Experience Improvement Model for Health and Social Care

CEIM Experience Improvement Model is a simple 6-step framework that supports health and social services teams to make improvements directly related to feedback in a person-centred way. It incorporates two unique approaches, [1] an experience discovery conversation method, and [2] monthly reflective improvement meetings at the care or support team level.

Find out more at or watch a short animation that describes the CEIM approach here.  

About the CEIM Leaders programme

CEIM Leaders is a coaching skills development programme that enables health or social care teams to adopt and sustain the CEIM approach. 

This programme helps to build in-house team coaching capacity that will enable care or support teams to continuously improve the outcomes and experiences of the people who use health and social care services, through listening to and responding to feedback.

Learning Objective

On completion of this programme, CEIM Leaders will be able to plan and deliver in-house learning sessions and provide coaching to teams to embed CEIM in their practice

Requirements for participation

You will need:

  • Access to a laptop or PC to participate in online learning sessions, that will be held on MS Teams, and to download programme materials.
  • Sufficient protected time (away from the workplace if possible) to fully engage with the programme of learning and undertake periods of reflective practice.
  • The skills development component of this programme is delivered in 4 intense sessions, so we would ask that you gain a commitment from your Organisational Sponsor that your time will be truly protected on scheduled programme dates.
  • The ability to travel to the (in-person) Graduation and Peer Networking session
  • To participate in the evaluation of the programme and your own learning outcomes during and following the learning component for up to 6 months after completion.

CEIM Leaders Cohort 2

This programme is currently in a testing phase and therefore applicants are asked to fully commit to attending all programme dates outlined below and contributing to the programme’s evaluation.

Who should apply

This programme is designed for people who:

  • work in or with teams that deliver care or support,
  • are committed to improving quality and service user experience, and
  • can dedicate time to leading improvement activity

For this test cohort, we would welcome applicants from:

  • Adult Social care services 
  • Community health care services

Programme Timeline

Stage Date Time
Application deadline 2 June 2023  
Notification of acceptance to participants 16 June 2023  

Virtual session 1*

Welcome and introduction session

4 July 2023 10:00 - 16:00

Virtual session 2

Experience Discovery Conversations

5 July 2023 10:00 - 16:00

Virtual session 3

Reflective Improvement Meetings

6 July 2023 10:00 - 16:00

Virtual session 4

Introduction to Quality Improvement, and getting started planning

12 July 2023 10:00 - 16:00

In-person event

Graduation and Peer Networking mainland venue to be confirmed

3 August 2023 10:00 - 16:00

*All virtual sessions will be held on MS Teams

Components of the programme

The programme introduces participants to a range of concepts that support deep learning from feedback and provides insight into structures and approaches that enable health or social care teams to gather feedback and use this to meaningfully improve services, whilst also supporting the well-being of those working in health and social care teams.

The learning component of the programme is delivered over approximately 25 hours, of virtual webinars (Microsoft Teams) and in-person networking. This component focuses on the knowledge and skills required to understand and implement CEIM, and the coaching approach that will be adopted by CEIM Leaders.

The skills development component will require CEIM Leaders to work with an identified team from their own organisation over a period of time following the learning component in order to develop their coaching skills. This will include delivering short learning sessions (demonstrated during the programme’s learning component) and coaching teams to embed and sustain the CEIM approach. The CEIM leader will determine the time commitment required for this phase.

During this period the CEIM Leader will be supported by a mentor and through the CEIM Leaders' peer network.

How to apply

If you would like more information or to apply for the CEIM Leaders Cohort 2 programme, you can request the information and application pack here: CEIM Leaders Application Pack.

Alternatively, you can email us at to request an application pack to complete.