CEIM Leaders 

About the CEIM Leaders programme

CEIM Leaders is a quality improvement coaching skills development programme designed to equip health and social care staff with the necessary knowledge and capabilities to coach and lead care teams in their organisation to implement the CEIM Experience Improvement Model for Health and Social Care.

The purpose in developing this programme was to enable sustainable spread of the CEIM approach across health and social care in a way that builds on existing leadership and interest in person-centred improvement that already exists within many health and social care organisations.

This programme was developed through a collaboration between Healthcare Improvement Scotland (HIS), NHS Education for Scotland (NES), Scottish Social Services Council (SSSC), and the Care Inspectorate (CI).

The structure of the CEIM Leaders programme comprises of two components:

1. Learning component that is delivered over approximately 25 hours of virtual webinars (Microsoft Teams) and/or in-person knowledge mobilisation. This component focuses on building the knowledge and skills required to understand, coach and implement the CEIM approach, and what is required to be a successful CEIM Leader.

2. Implementation/skill development component that requires new CEIM Leaders to build their skills in practice by working with an identified care team(s) from their own organisation. This involves the CEIM Leader delivering short learning sessions and coaching the team(s) directly to embed and sustain the CEIM Experience Improvement Model and commence making person-led improvements.

Who should apply:

This programme is open to people working in adult social services and healthcare services. It is designed for people who:

  • work in, or directly with, teams that deliver care or support,
  • are committed to improving quality and service user experience, and
  • can dedicate time to leading improvement activity within their organisation

If you work in NHS Scotland or adult social care there is no charge for participation.

CEIM Experience Improvement Model for Health and Social Care

CEIM Experience Improvement Model is a simple 6-step framework that supports health and social services teams to make improvements directly related to feedback in a person-centred way. It incorporates two unique approaches,

1. an experience discovery conversation method, and

2. monthly reflective improvement meetings at the care or support team level.

Find out more about CEIM at https://ihub.scot/ceim or watch a short animation that describes the CEIM approach here.

Programme Details - Cohort 4

*CEIM Leaders virtual sessions will all be held on MS Teams.

Stage Date Time
Application deadline 4 October 24  
Notification of acceptance to participants by 17 October 24  

Virtual session 1*

Welcome and introduction session

12 November 24 10:00 – 16:00

Virtual session 2

Experience discovery conversations

13 November 24 10:00 – 16:00

Virtual session 3

Reflective improvement meetings

14 November 24 10:00 – 16:00

Virtual session 4

Introduction to quality improvement and planning for the skills development phase

15 November 24 10:00 – 16:00

In-person event

Graduation and Peer Networking

Venue to be confirmed - likely Glasgow or Dundee

29 January 25 10:00 - 16:00