Resources to implement CEIM

The tools, resources and case studies below have been developed to support health and social care teams adopt CEIM to improve care and experience of Health and Social care services.

Resources and tools

Resource Type of resource Description
Care Experience Improvement Learning Module (CEIM) Learning CEIM introduction learning module hosted on NHS Education for Scotland's TURAS - free to access by all health or social care staff (may require initial registration)
CEIM Method Guides Method guides

Describes two core components required to implement CEIM:

(1) Experience Discovery Conversations and

(2) Reflective Improvement Meetings

CEIM Readiness for Change Assessment Tool Template Helping teams to evaluate their readiness to start using CEIM Experience Improvement Model in their service
Experience Discovery Conversation Plan Template Assists in planning the structure and conversation prompts using a discovery approach.
Experience Discovery Plan - Example 1 Tool Experience discovery conversation planning example 
Experience Discovery Plan - Example 2 Tool Experience discovery conversation planning example
Experience Discovery Plan - Example 3 Tool Experience discovery conversation planning example
Rapid Feedback Analysis Template  A simple tool that can assist in quickly theming and sharing feedback


Case studies and videos

Resource Description
Leading CEIM in an organisation The Nurse Director of Acute Services and Head of Nursing, Quality Improvement and Standards in NHS Lothian tell us about the value of CEIM and how leaders can effectively support implementation in their organisation.
Being a CEIM Coach (CEIM Leader) CEIM Leaders (coaches) in NHS Lothian describe how they developed their skills and knowledge to support care teams to adopt CEIM.
Using CEIM in a Respiratory Team   Applying CEIM in a Respiratory ward in NHS Lothian 
CEIM approach in a Neurorehabilitation team A Neurorehabilitation team discuss adopting a multi-disciplinary approach to CEIM in NHS Lothian 
Adopting CEIM as an approach in hospital theatre The Theatre team in NHS Lothian talk about how it is possible to gather feedback in a surgical environment
A Day Surgery Unit in NHS Lothian The Day Surgery Team in NHS Lothian discuss how listening to patients helped them identify an innovative improvement idea
A Mental Health Ward in NHS Fife The Bayview mental health ward in NHS Fife share how they used the Care Experience Improvement Model to improve services