Experience-based Co-design (EBCD)

What is it?

This is an approach that emphasises the importance of active involvement of people who use services, their families and carers in collaborating and working in partnership with health and social care staff to design improvements in services.

The Person-centred Design and Improvement team support Experience-based Co-design projects across Scotland.

EBCD enables staff and those using a service to come together and  share experiences of what matters to them about receiving care and support or delivering services. By doing this, opportunities arise to work in new ways together to improve the experience of care.

This six stage process is used as a means of gathering insights and reflecting on the experiences of a service. This reflection would normally be collated through filmed interviews and observations, and it is through this reflection that service users, families, carers and staff can work together to identify and co-design improvement priorities.

Examples of Experience-based Co-design projects in Scotland:

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The Point of Care Foundation hosts an Experience-based Co-design toolkit that provides a range of methods and tools. 

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