About Experience-based Co-design

Experience-based Co-design is a collaborative approach to gathering insights, reflecting on the experiences of services, and identifying improvement opportunities with people who deliver and use services.

Insights would normally be gathered through filmed interviews and observations. These films are used as triggers to support improvement conversations between people who use services, their families, carers and staff, who then work together to identify and co-design improvement priorities.

Examples of Experience-based Co-Design

activities in Scotland include:

Key steps in Experience-based Co-design

Although often described as a cycle, EBCD follows a six-stage linear approach

The six EBCD process steps are:

  1. project set-up
  2. ethnographic research (person-centred observation and discovery interviews)
  3. participation events (with staff then patients/communities)
  4. co-design event (with both staff and patients/communities)
  5. improvement working groups
  6. review and celebrate

Resources for Experience-based Co-design

The Point of Care Foundation hosts the Experience-based Co-design toolkit, where you can find videos, guides and case studies.

Get in touch

Email us at his.personcentredscot@nhs.scot if you have a question about the Experience-based Co-design approach or if you would like to speak to a member of the team.