Health and Social Care Service Design Community of Practice

What is it?

The community of practice is a space for individuals to come together to share knowledge, experience and challenges, as well as support each other, with the desired effect of further embedding user-centred design within health and social care. It is open to anyone with an interest in user-centred design practices within health and social care and the ihub hosts a quarterly event.

During the COVID-19 pandemic the distinct value of service design, user research and user-centred design roles has become clear. There has been an increased interest in design-led approaches and the role of services design within health and social care. For some health and social care organisations, there have been investments in the employment of design professionals or user researchers, or design training for their workforce.

By developing a community of practice to support the development and integration of design practices within the health and social care system we are able to achieve the following:

  1. Create opportunities for better collaboration to access the skillsets to focus on designing services around the needs of the people who need them, with meaningful involvement of citizens/users
  2. Build awareness, knowledge, capabilities and confidence in implementing service design approaches across health and social care
  3. Develop a consistent approach to service design across all organisations
  4. Use the community of practice to support senior-level buy in to achieve outcomes.


Who is this community of practice for?

  • People leading and/or working as designers
  • People leading and/or working with designers
  • People leading and/or working on design projects across health and social care.


Want to know more about service design?

If you would simply like to know more information about service design, have a look at the following resources:

Whilst we focus specifically on health and social care, we also link closely to other networks so that we can better align our focus and avoid duplication in our sessions.


How to join the community

If you wish to be part of the Health and Social Care Service Design Community of Practice, please complete the form using the link below:

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