Person-centred Care Network

What is it?

The Person-centred Care Network is a community of practice that supports health and social care staff to put people at the centre of care and support.  It does this by offering:

  • regular learning and reflection opportunities
  • spaces for networking, collaboration and exploration of practical challenges in delivering or leading person-centred care
  • access to current evidence and learning from local practice in Scotland
  • opportunities for skills and knowledge development

Who is it for?

The Person-centred Care Network is free and is open to anyone who works in health or social care in Scotland who is interested in Person-centred practice.

What we mean by person-centred care and person-centred practice

We know that person-centred care is being delivered when people are involved, and are at the centre of decisions about their care or support. It is often demonstrated by health and social care staff who work together with people in a compassionate way, tailoring their care and/or support to their personal needs and what matters to them.

Person-centred practice is our way of being, and the practical ways we use to deliver person-centred care. It is the ‘how’ of delivering person-centred care that includes the behaviours we demonstrate and the specific methods, approaches, tools and practices we use to deliver that for and with people.

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