About the Person-centred Care Network

The Person-centred Care Network connects health and social care staff from across a range of public sectors to improve person-centred practice.

What we mean by person-centred care and person-centred practice

We know that person-centred care is being delivered when people are involved and are at the centre of decisions about their care or support. This is demonstrated by staff who work together with people in a compassionate way, tailoring care to their personal needs and what matters to them.

Person-centred practice is our way of being, and the practical ways we use to deliver person-centred care. 

What the network offers:

  • Cross-sector networking, collaboration and learning opportunities
  • Spaces to explore person-centred topics with network members
  • Access to current tools, resources and evidence
  • Opportunities for learning and sharing

Examples from the Person-centred Care Network