Get Involved

The network is free to join for anyone who works in health, social care or social work services in Scotland.
If you are interested in improving Person-centred care or practice, you can connect with network members by:

  • joining one of our regular Randomised Coffee Trials to meet network members
  • taking part in regular learning and reflection opportunities 
  • participating in networking, collaboration and exploration of practical challenges in delivering or leading person-centred care
  • accessing opportunities offered for skills and knowledge development

The network also communicates with its members to share current news and opportunities through regular email newsletters.

You can register here to join the Person-centred Care Network, or Email us at if you have a question about the Person-centred Care Network.

Upcoming events

We are hosting 2 virtual workshops in November, to explore the themes which emerged from our 'Summer Series' webinars in 2021. These explored the support needed to achieve the participants’ vision for person-centred care and practice. This will give us greater insight into the current needs of the system, identify any gaps and establish action for the network to meet the current needs of the health and social services workforce in Scotland.

  • Tuesday 22nd November 2022 10:00-13:00 
    Virtual workshop 1: Understanding the workforce’s support needs

    This workshop will provide an overview of what the Person-centred Care Network (PCCN) has been to date and an introduction to the 2021 Summer Series themes. Participants will then go into groups for the majority of the session to explore the workforce’s strengths, concerns, opportunities and threats, in relation to each of the themes and challenges around person-centred care and practice.

  • Tuesday 29th November 2022 10:00-13:00
    Virtual workshop 2: How the PCCN can support the workforce

    In the second workshop we will feedback on our initial findings from the group activity in workshop 1. Following which we will split into groups to begin thinking through ideas of how the PCCN could meet participants' needs, in relation to supporting person-centred care and practice, and who would need to be involved to do so. The session will finish with a summary of our next steps for the development of the network and highlight the dates for upcoming events in 2023.

Register for the workshops here