Cuddles and caring for newborns doesn’t stop because of coronavirus | from Wishaw Neonatal Unit, NHS Lanarkshire

When new parents Tracy and AJ found out baby daughter Peyton had coronavirus they feared what would happen next.

But staff at Wishaw’s neonatal unit ensured the tiny 3lbs 11oz tot – thought to be Scotland’s youngest COVID-19 patient – had just the same support as every other baby that has come in to their care. 

When Peyton tested positive for the virus, despite having no symptoms, Tracy and AJ feared they would have to leave hospital without their daughter. But staff arranged for Tracy to stay with Peyton while AJ isolated at home. They also provided the same level of compassionate care every mother and baby receives on the unit, ensuring Peyton was held and cuddled, even though they had to wear PPE to do so. Tracy says the reassurance provided by the staff was second to none and should inspire confidence in any mum-to-be that giving birth during the pandemic is not a scary experience.


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