Are we OK? Two different ways to answer | from University Hospital Wishaw and NHS Lothian

Two NHS boards in Scotland have created two different ways to look after their staff, recognising that at times they may feel anxious, overwhelmed or fatigued.

University Hospital Wishaw has created a 'Positivity Wall' where staff are invited to complete a poster saying 'after covid19 I'm going to…'. The wall enables staff to share what they want to do after COVID-19, reminding each other that ‘this will pass’. This has shown to raise morale and connect colleagues. The wall also gives staff a place where they can go for a bit of reflection, or to find motivation and have a light-hearted moment during their shift.


NHS Lothian is using a poster method to check how their staff are as they finish shifts, giving them the opportunity and space to share what went well and to check in on colleagues. This also enables managers to acknowledge difficult days but to also identify any support that is needed.

The poster asks staff to ‘take a moment to think about today’ and has 5 key points:

  1. Acknowledge one thing that was difficult during your working day - Let it go
  2. Check on your colleagues before you leave - Are they ok?
  3. Are you ok? - Your senior team are here to support you
  4. Consider three things that went well…
  5. Now switch your attention to home - Rest, relax, refresh



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