Avoiding burnout | from Dr Michael Davey

Counsellor and former GP Dr Michael Davey developed the Emotional Energy Matrix tool for NHS staff in pressurised work situations and published it on his website and YouTube channel.

In his video, Dr Davey highlights that too often NHS staff spend a large proportion of their week surviving, reporting 60-80% of their time in this mode. He observes that COVID-19 can only have worsened the situation and if staff spend too long in this survival mode, they risk burnout.

He suggests the following reviving tips:

  • Have regular breaks away from your department to eat/drink. He recommends going with a colleague so you can debrief any traumatic or challenging situations you have faced
  • Make sure you talk about normal, non-work, non-COVID19 life
  • Stay in touch with friends and family
  • Engage with some self-care, whatever that looks like for you

He also suggests using the matrix tool to identify which state you are in and reflect on your own wellbeing.

The matrix tool is readily available to download as a resource from: https://www.drmichaeldaveywellbeing.co.uk/


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