"Check in, check through and check out" for improved staff wellbeing | from NHS Louisa Jordan

In this Leading Insights podcast, Shaun Maher, Principal QI Educator, NHS Education (NES) and Strategic Advisor for person-centred care at the Scottish Government explains the process adopted at NHS Louisa Jordan to connect staff and enhance their wellbeing.

Shaun says the aims are:

"a) how we look after the people that come to work here and b) how we support those people to care compassionately and effectively and safely for the people who come here to receive care."

The process is called "check in, check through, check out", which involves three stages:

  1. Staff buddy up with someone on their shift. They 'check in' and ask each other how they really feel – are they coping, do they want to share anything?
  2. Part way through the shift they meet up and 'check through' – make sure one another are ok, and find out whether there have been any issues.
  3. At the end of the shift, they 'check out' The staff buddies make sure each other are ok, and whether they need to contact anyone for them.

It is a simple and practical approach to connect staff and safeguard their wellbeing.

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