'NHS in Mind' could help you unwind | Created by cognitive behavioural hypnotherapists

Two cognitive behavioural hypnotherapists have created a free online toolkit of resources that can support frontline staff to manage feelings of anxiety, panic and fatigue.

There are eight techniques in a mix of tutorial videos, recorded exercises and YouTube links, including:

  1. Box breathing: a simple breathing exercise to combat panic and anxiety (2 mins)
  2. Notice 5 things: an exercise to centre yourself when getting caught up in intrusive thoughts (45 seconds)
  3. 3 minute breathing space: a brief practice used when thoughts or mood spiral in a negative direction (3 mins)
  4. A short meditation on the breath: brings awareness to the breath and helps focus a busy mind (10 mins)
  5. Progressive muscle relaxation: a deep relaxation technique to counter the effects of stress and anxiety (17 mins)
  6. Ego strengthening hypnosis: this relaxing hypnotic recording is designed to help build confidence and self-esteem (20 mins)
  7. 3-4-5 Breathing: a simple and effective exercise for dealing with anxiety and stress (1 min)
  8. Jencks time progression: this breathing method achieves the deepest feeling of rest in a very short time span (4 mins)


News article with quotes from the creators: https://www.itv.com/news/london/2020-03-28/nhs-in-mind-launched-to-provide-mental-health-tips-for-medical-staff/

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