Pop up shops help with essential supplies | Guy's and Thomas' and Free Royal London

Long working hours during COVID-19 has limited the ability of front line staff to get to supermarkets and when they get there, shops can be running low on essential items.

To help solve this issue, hospitals in London have been working with local charities such as the Royal Free Charity and the Guy's and St Thomas' charity. They already work with the NHS trusts to support staff and patients and local communities, and now the charities have set up pop up shops in hospitals for staff with donations of food they have received. These supplies are provided free of charge to staff.

Royal Free: https://twitter.com/KarenHTurner1/status/1246918891537944584
Guys and St Thomas’: https://twitter.com/gsttnhs/status/1245347834062307330
Great quote etc from: https://www.royalfreecharity.org/covid19

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