Psychological resilience virtual hub | from NHS Grampian

NHS Grampian has been supporting people with a virtual hub that offers coping tips and techniques along with support and guidance over the phone or virtual appointment.

The completely virtual hub (with support by telephone) was set up to directly respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. It is led by senior psychologists from Grampian and staffed by a range of professional groups.

The hub is aimed at a wide range of health and social care staff but is also open to the public, including children and young people. People do not have to be at crisis point to access the hub and people are encouraged the seek support as early as possible.

A service user shared this first-hand experience of the hub:

"I felt so comfortable as I was at home, I didn’t have to travel, I didn’t have to wait and as a result I could immediately put into action the advice that was given, at the time that I needed the help. That's not always been possible in the past at all, as the help can come six months after the breakdown if you see what I mean and by that time, some of your symptoms are gone past the point of managing!"


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