Self-care ideas to help beat fatigue | from Chartered Institute of Ergonomics and Human Factors

If you’re feeling the fatigue of working long shifts in these pressurised times on the health and care frontline, you’re not alone. The Chartered Institute of Ergonomics and Human Factors offers the following advice from experts in their podcast.

At home

Try to sleep and eat well. Take it easy on caffeine and alcohol and establish a wind down routine. Do something that helps you relax and tell other members of your household what you need from them to help you wind down.

At work

Make sure you feel safe and raise any concerns about PPE with colleagues. Try to take any respite breaks you can and micronaps if possible – evidence shows this effectively mitigates fatigue. Appreciate all the things you do that make a positive difference, however small.


Consider ‘smart rostering’ - make sure staff have appropriate breaks and are not doing too many nights in a row.

PPE-related fatigue

Heatstress can arise from wearing PPE, which is physically very uncomfortable. To help avoid this, keep well hydrated and make sure your PPE fits properly.


Other guidance:

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