Alternative ways to say farewell | from the Marie Curie terminal illness care charity

In a blog, staff at the Marie Curie charity share their ideas about how relatives can find comfort if they are unable to be with loved ones in their final hours. Below is a summary:

  1. Be there or go to a special place (somewhere that holds special memories of you and your loved one and makes you feel closer to them)
  2. Write a goodbye letter
  3. Do something that matters to you and your loved one (listen to song, read a favourite book, look at photos, watch a favourite TV show)
  4. Use music to say goodbye (The Swan Song project invites anyone facing saying goodbye to express themselves through a song)
  5. Spend time in the garden (gardening can remind us of the circle of life)
  6. Start something that matters (do something in your loved ones memory like raise money for charity)
  7. Read or write a goodbye poem (it can help you express your emotions)

The Marie Curie telephone support line is 0800 0902309 (free to call) and more information is on their website.


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