Donated iPads and tablets ensure patients can 'stay in touch' | from the Western General Hospital, NHS Lothian

Patients who test positive for Covid-19 after hospitalisation are cared for in isolation and families are unable to visit.

An Edinburgh-based management investment firm has donated 20 Apple iPads to help ward staff and families stay in touch.

To help ensure safe use of the iPads the team has developed a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for staff to ensure these vital lifelines for patients and their families are cared for, cleaned and charged. These iPads are now situated throughout the hospital so they are available to staff at all times to support their patients in reaching out to their family.

Now staying in touch is as easy as the touch of a button and families who have used this now feel more connected with one another.

The donating company has continued to support the NHS by sending further iPads to other hospitals such as St John’s Hospital.


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