Daily newspaper delivers cheer to patients | from Glasgow Royal Infirmary, NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde

Hospital volunteers normally interact with patients face to face, but this has had to stop completely during COVID-19. The volunteer service needed a new approach.

The 'Hospital Times' newspaper was the result – a simple, cheery newsletter distributed on weekdays by volunteers throughout NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde.

According to the older peoples' Clinical Specialist Occupational Therapist, Lynsey McKee, who came up with the idea:

"The aim was to bring back memories and provide stimulation as well as to support conversations with patients on the wards."

Feedback has been great.

Voluntary Service Manager Louise Colquhoun said:

"This little paper is an indirect way to try and help patient mood and add some positive distraction. It has already facilitated chat, given a few laughs and the little quiz can help with stimulation.

One of the first few editions had the 'jeely piece song' in it – the occupational therapy team noticed this led to an outburst of singing on the wards and amazingly it even had verses! There have also been some discussion between patients over the quiz questions and answers. You can’t beat that for patient-centred care."

A patient called Harriet commented:

"I've been reading it every day and enjoying it – it gives me something different to do. The puzzles are helping keep my brain stimulated and the stories are always happy and make me feel connected with the outside world."



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