On the 27 and 28 May 2014 the Person-Centred Health and Care Collaborative held its fourth National Learning Session Event. The purpose of this learning session was to bring together all those committed to improving the care experience and help them to:

  • Embed person-centred principles through leadership that enables and supports person-centred care at every level of the organisation
  • Develop a comprehensive systematic approach to real-time listening and engagement with people with lived experience to lead and drive improvement throughout the organisation.
  • Adapt and test existing tools, methods, and approaches to improve the experience at the point of care
  • Develop and test innovative approaches to improve experience at the point of care, and;
  • Implement a measurement framework to help us identify whether changes lead to improvement

Learning Session Four Presentations

Plenary 1 - Professor Craig White
Plenary 2 - Person-centred highlights from across Scotland
Plenary 3 - Sally Magnusson and Andy Lowndes
Plenary 4 - Margaret Murphy
Plenary 5 - Jason Leitch
Session 1.1 - Introduction to Model for Improvement
Session 1.2 - Next steps in Improvement
Session 1.4 - Using data and measurement to support improvements in person-centred care
Session 1.6 - Every person every time
Session 2.1 - Flexible visiting as a driver of improved care experiences - Part 1
Session 2.2 - Systematic approaches to listening, using the voice of lived experience to lead and drive improvement
Session 2.7 - Share and Learn - A Leadership Journey
Session 2.3 - What matters to me
Session 2.8 - The Power of Peer Support - Part 1
Session 2.8 - The Power of Peer Support - Part 2
Session 3.1 - Think delirium - the journey continues
Session 4.1 - Involving people who matter
Session 4.2 - Values baseb leadership for person-centred health and care - resources for improvement
Session 4.3 - The role ofvolunteers in contributing to person-centredness through providingmeaningful activities and peer support
Session 4.7 - Relationshipsmatter - Personalised contact as a driver of improved care experiences
Session 4.8 - Think frailty - the journey continues
Sessions 1.5 & 2.5 - Introductionto the Model for Improvement through Forum Theatre