On the 21 and 22 November 2013 the Person Centred Health and Care Collabortaive held its third National Learning Session Event.

The aims of the learning session were to build on progress and help teams to ensure they have testing activity in all 5 of the 'Must Do With Me' elements and are developing a comprehensive feedback system.

1. What matters to me?

2. Who matters to me?

3. What information do I need?

4. Nothing about me without me

5. Personalised contact

The learning session supported the aims through sharing examples of:

  • Tools, methods and approaches that can be tested and adapted to improve experience at the point of care
  • Leadership that enables and supports person-centred care
  • Approaches to creating a comprehensive system that enables the voices of the people who use services to be heard in real-time and drive improvement
  • Improvement methods to support testing of person-centred approaches so that care becomes reliably person-centred
  • A simple measurement framework for person-centred care and a tool to support measurement and testing for local teams


Plenary 1 “Human healing in the age of science: the art of the healing shift”
Plenary 2 “Doing the common things uncommonly well – making person-centred care reliable
Session 1.1 Improving conversations about “What matters to you?” through personal outcomes approaches
Session 1.2 Using social media to help you listen, learn and improve
Session 1.3 Collaborating with people to improve safety in primary care
Session 1.4 Improving collaboration through use of tools to support shared decision-making
Session 1.5 Leadership for person-centred care
Session 1.6 Moving from “visiting” to “welcoming”
Session 1.7 Involving people with lived experience to lead and drive improvement
Plenary 3 "Grumbles, gripes and grievances: the role of complaints in transforming public services”
Plenary 4 “No -one ever asked” Tommy Whitelaw, Dementia Carer Voices
Session 2.1 Investing leadership time at the point where value is created . . . it’s all about people and relationships
Session 2.2 Improving conversations at the point of care – “Knowing me, knowing you”
Session 2.3 Improving understanding by using structured communication and “Teachback”
Session 2.4 Collaborating with patients to measure and improve safety in mental health
Session 2.5 Harnessing the voice of staff to help you learn and improve: “IMatter” and “Pulse surveys”
Session 2.6 Improving staff well-being through values based reflective practice
Session 2.7 ‘F’ is for Frailty: Identification and co-ordination of care for frail older people
Session 2.8 ‘E’ is for Engagement: engaging with patients, families and staff to improve the identification, early management and experience of delirium
Learning Session 3 Delegate Pack

Person Centred Health and Care

  • Person Centred Health and Care Collaborative highlights from Learning Session 3