The person-centred prompts (PDF) are a series of 14 statements and questions, co-produced by people with lived experience of using services and carers, policy-makers, practitioners and third sector representatives, working together with leaders in the healthcare system. The prompts were developed at joint meetings of the Person-Centred Steering Group and Person-Centred Stakeholder Groups, where participants considered a wide range of evidence related to progress in delivering person-centred care across Scotland and asked, firstly, what could they do together to accelerate progress and, secondly, what can be done to overcome the barriers to progress?

Aims and objectives
The person-centred prompts (PDF) have been designed to promote and facilitate person-centred working in a wide variety of contexts and settings. They have been tested and found to be useful across health and social care, including in staff meetings and appraisals, organisational reviews and working directly with patients in a hospital setting.

Who is it for?
The person-centred prompts (PDF) can be used by anyone who is interested in planning and delivering care that is truly person-centred. In testing, the statements and questions have been found to support focussed conversations that build on the joint experience of those who are delivering and receiving care.


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