Keeping families of COVID-19 patients informed and supported | from St Bartholomew's Hospital

Restrictions on visiting and increased demands on intensive care staff meant families of were missing out on important, supportive conversations with clinicians and nurses.

To ensure there was no loss of compassionate care, a phone hub was set up. Staffed by nurses with previous experience of having difficult phone conversations with families, the hub proactively calls all relatives of those in intensive care. This reassures anxious relatives and reduces the number of calls in to the unit.

The hub is staffed by full time workers, enabling them to establish a team which can build relationships with families and offer some continuity at a difficult time.

Through these relationships, hub staff have been able to collate personalised messages and photos from families to take to their loved ones in intensive care units. This not only reassures the family and the patient, but also allows medical staff to learn more about the person they're treating.

The hub team receive psychological support which helps them stay well when having to deal with tough situations.


Recording of the webinar:

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