We work with staff across health and social care to improve identification, involvement and support for unpaid carers

The Unpaid Carers Improvement programme aims to ensure that staff working across health and social care have the skills, knowledge and confidence to identify, involve and support carers to ensure that services are designed and delivered to meet carer needs.

The programme has three main workstreams:

  • improving carer involvement across health,
  • supporting the quality planning of local care services, including planning for short breaks, and
  • improving local carer assessments and the quality of data collection.

What is an unpaid carer?

An unpaid carer is anyone who looks after a friend or family member who due to illness, disability, a mental health problem or an addiction cannot cope without there support.

Unpaid carers interact with a wide range of health and care services right across the system, with challenges highlighted around identification, involvement and support for this population. All staff have a role to ‘think carer’ and recognise opportunities to address the challenges and improve carer experience.

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