About Unpaid Carers Improvement

The Unpaid Carer’s Improvement Programme aims to support health and social care staff to have the skills, knowledge and confidence to identify, involve and support carers, to ensure that health and care services are designed and delivered to meet their needs.

There are around 839,000 unpaid carers in Scotland, according to the most recent estimates by the Scottish Government. Unpaid carers play a vital role in underpinning our health and social care system, and it is important to ensure they are well-supported and involved in care decisions at every level.

The Unpaid Carers Improvement Programme is helping health and social care to:

  • improve carer involvement across health and care,
  • support quality planning of local carer services including for short breaks, and 
  • improve local carer assessment and quality data collection.

Find out more: Supporting Unpaid Carers

We currently have the following resources available on improving carer involvement in hospital discharge:

We are also producing a number of impact stories that demonstrate good practice in carer involvement and support, and quality planning of local carer services. You can find these in our Tools and Resources section.

These resources are available for all local teams looking to improve carer involvement in health.