Poor housing and indoor environments cause or contribute to many preventable diseases and injuries, such as respiratory, nervous system and cardiovascular diseases and cancer." World Health Organisation

Housing and integration

A good home makes a key contribution to people’s health and wellbeing. The arrangements for integrated health and social care recognise the importance of housing, requiring Health and Social Care Partnerships to involve housing, particularly in relation to strategic planning.

To support all partners, particularly Health and Social Care Partnerships and housing organisations, in maximising housing’s contribution, we have compiled a selection of key documents covering:

The connection between housing conditions and health – both of individuals and populations – has a long and well-evidenced historical provenance." The King’s Fund
Housing has the potential to reduce or reinforce health inequalities. It exerts a substantial influence on health and wellbeing through several linked routes, including: the affordability of homes; the quality of homes; and the role of the home as a platform for inclusion in community life." Health Scotland