Delivering targeted quality improvement support to primary care, to redesign and continuously improve services for all.


How our work is defined?

The Primary Care Improvement Portfolio (PCIP) work plan has been co-produced with key stakeholders and is regularly updated and refined. Our work focuses on three main themes.

What we do

We provide quality improvement and service redesign support along with leadership tools, resources and collaborative learning opportunities by:

  1. Creating networking opportunities both locally and nationally for our colleagues across Primary Care.
  2. Helping create the conditions for innovation and improvement by supporting Primary Care teams with quality improvement work.
  3. Accelerating learning by capturing and sharing the experiences of others.
  4. Collaborating with people to work towards common goals.
  5. Co-designing tools and resources with teams, so that others can adopt and adapt to their local needs.
  6. Continuing to support a number of aspects of SPSP in Primary Care, SPSP Medicines and SPSP Dentistry.

Find our events

Visit the ihub's news and events and search 'Primary Care' in the area of work.