About Community Treatment and Care Services

Community Treatment and Care (CTAC) services deliver a range of interventions based on local population needs, such as phlebotomy and wound care management.

The GMS contract (2018) and the supporting Memorandum of Understanding 2 (MoU 2 2021-2023) highlighted the need for CTAC services to be designed locally, taking into account local population health needs and existing community services, as well as what will bring the most benefit to practices and patients. Therefore, CTAC services use a range of delivery models, including:

  • hub
  • bespoke in general practice, and
  • a combination of hub and bespoke models.


Examples of Community Treatment and Care services

The Contract Offer set out a re-focused role for the GP, working as part of an extended multidisciplinary team as an expert medical generalist (EMG):

“This role builds on the core strengths and values of general practice-expertise in holistic, person-centred care-and involves a focus on undifferentiated presentation, complex care including mental health presentations and whole system quality improvement and leadership. All aspects are equally important. The aim is to enable GPs to do the job they train to do and enable patients to have better care.” - MoU2: GMS Contract

Benefits of CTAC services for:

  • Patients - a valuable alternative to general practice appointments
  • Staff - feel engaged with the work they do and are supported to continuously improve the information, support, care and treatment they provide
  • System - general practice resources used more effectively and efficiently as people access CTAC services instead of general practice


Services delivered by Community Treatment and Care services

The previous MoU outlined that Community Treatment and Care services include but are not limited to:

  • phlebotomy
  • basic disease data collection and biometrics (such as blood pressure)
  • chronic disease monitoring
  • management of minor injuries and dressings
  • suture removal
  • ear syringing and,
  • some types of minor surgery as locally determined as being appropriate.


Resources to implement Community Treatment and Care (CTAC) Services

  • NHS Ayrshire & Arran Case Study (April 2023): This high level case study shares the experience of NHS Ayrshire & Arran through their process of designing, testing and implementing delivery of CTAC services.
  • Perth and Kinross Case Study (June 2019): This case study focuses on A Week of Care Audit for CTAC service planning in Perth and Kinross HSCP.
  • CTAC Survey Report (January 2019): The Community Treatment and Care Centres Survey ran between 6 December and 19 December 2018. There were 60 fully completed surveys from respondents spread across the country, which gave a good idea of provisions for CTAC services and the status of ongoing planning.